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Becoming a Wedding photographer France occurred by accident.

I took photos at a friend’s wedding, then at some friends’ friends and the passion got into me. I am fully self-taught and my work is largely influenced by photo-journalists and by humanists’ photographers. I am passionate by photographic fields such as wedding documentary and portrait photography. My own view on Wedding photography comes from a photo-journalistic inspiration. I love snapshots, stolen glances, exchanged smiles captured. The photo-journalistic approach on Wedding photography is a modern one, more and more couples are come for it, revealing The Day as intense, spontaneous, and human andlively so. Therefore many couples trusted me to “immortalize” their union as you can see on my online gallery. My photographic work relies on coverages. It enables me to stay away from posed photography or set portraits. I always give my best to provide with fresh, candid and creative photography to tell the story of your long-awaited day. A pregnancy, a birth, a family gathering are all important moments in life that must be immortalized on photography. Photo-journalism or lifestyle photography are ways of doing so for our important ones. My coverages are unique as you are.You can find samples of weddings, engagements, day after, birth, pregnancy and family as well as the rates and availability on

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My work is mainly influenced by my day-to-day, taste in cinema, music or even video. My eyes blink with the music, cinema sharpens my creations. Such as a reporter I can give a photo-journalistic or more even a photo-documentary spirit to my work: covering the most beautiful day of your life.I don’t think marriage is about only two persons, and I don’t focus only on them: family, friends, the interactions between the sensitive and decisive characters create the Wedding around the Newlywed. My coverages in Lyon and in France refer to graphic storytelling. Throughout them I lay a different eye on the traditional and full of clichés Wedding photography: I seek the spontaneous and keep away from frozen poses or “storyboarded”. Wedding photography as I see it is the testimony of the emotion and the climate on The Day. I happened to have covered Weddings in Lyon, but also throughout France and Worldwide. My work as a Wedding photographer is enriched by all my encounters, the social or religious mixes, my work asset arises from the diversity.

Destination Wedding Photographer France / Lyon Genève Provence

I arrive when the Bride is getting ready, that’s when my coverage starts. I say coverage because I don’t want to have still models, I capture those instants in life. On your D Day I will chase the emotion, the day smaller details, all those things you won’t have time to see. I can be discrete, disappearing amongst the guests; I think it is by taking part to the party that we can really feel its spirit. I always aim for the right framing, the best light, for the ideal creation which will refine the moments. By moving and giving rhythm to our coverage, we make it livelier.

I focus on relaying all those memories to their closest and also make them the most natural possible so that in a month, a year or ten you can still feel these emotions true to themselves. In Lyon, Annecy, Genève, Paris, St Tropez, throughout France, I follow your projects. If I tell you all this, you get it, it’s because these are the key issues of my thinking.

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