Wedding Chateau La Durantie – Elegant Wedding in Dordogne


Wedding Château la Durantie

Chateau la Durantie is a perfect place for a wedding in France. Situated in the Périgord Vert (Dordogne), this castle is among the most beautiful venues in France. Romantic French Chateau located in the Dordogne specialising in Fairytale weddings, anniversaries and special events. In the very heart of France, in the footsteps of Richard the Lionheart, surrounded by rolling green hills, beautiful walnut trees and a valley with thousand and one castles. Choose the most romantic place in Europe for the most romantic day in your life. A wedding at Chateau la Durantie in ancient Aquitainia makes your romantic dreams come true.

Chateau La Durantie, which was built 1840 as the residence for the Duke of Isly, is the ideal place for a wedding, a birthday party, a family get together or a relaxing and enchanting holiday. It is located in the beautiful Dordogne, Southwest France.

The Chateau including cottage accommodates up to 43 guests, and wedding receptions in the Marquee can host up to 150 people.

The Chateau and the coach house have been recently renovated to a very high standard of luxury. Offering over 1400 m2 (15000 square foot) of living area, the rooms are elegantly decorated with valuable antiques. Spacious reception rooms are spread out on the ground floor of the Chateau, and 2 master suites and an additional 14 generously sized bedrooms (all with their own marble bath room) provide luxurious accommodation. The cottage, which sleeps additional 10 guests, is optional.
The Chateau has an enclosed park of 12 acres (5 hectars), complete with pool (heating optional), tennis court, 5 aside football, and fruit orchard. It provides plenty of outdoor space and privacy.

For this wedding in the Dordogne I joined my friend and colleague William Lambelet. It was a wonderful romantic and relaxed wedding at Chateau la Durantie in the Dordogne area in the South West of France.
E & R
, a couple from Brighton, invited their closest and dearest for a weekendlong wedding celebration at La Durantie, a magical French chateau that has been refurbished and maintained with a tremendous love for details. With original pieces and varying decor in every room, the couple and their guests were taken in by the French atmosphere and scenery. This dream wedding location lies only within a 2hour drive from Bordeaux.
Wedding photographer in Dordogne.
The couple photo session took place in the garden. The bride and groom’s smiles and elegance fitted so well with the sophistication of the Chateau la Durantie that it made me love this place even more.


Wedding venue: Chateau la Durantie
Make-up / Hair: Kerrie Langfield
Wedding planner: wedding planner Dordogne
Flowers: French flower style

Wedding in Marrakech

photographe mariage marrakech palmeraie

     photographe mariage marrakech palmeraie photographe mariage marrakech palmeraie photographe mariage marrakech royal mansour  photographe mariage marrakech royal mamounia photographe mariage marrakech royal mansour               

wedding in Marrakech

I adore Morocco’s hospitality, the generosity of its people, its pleasant charm, the colors and the smells. Wedding in Marrakech. The more often I travel there, the more I dream of a life in its midst. Perhaps one day, Inch’Allah.

When a Bride and Groom-to-be first contact me in search of their wedding photographer, may it be for an event in Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, or anywhere else in Morocco, I am ignited. I know that my photographs will be kindled by this excitement. The job of a wedding photographer is certainly and primarily to photograph with ones heart. So, when a Bride and Groom request that I join them in Morocco, there is never a doubt in my mind that a spectacular photographic adventure awaits me. M & B decided to celebrate their wedding festivities at the heart of the Palmeraie, in Marrakech. This was more than a simple wedding; the three days we spent together were a true enchantment.

It was a three-hour plane ride to arrive in Marrakech, three hours in which I simply daydreamed of what lay ahead. Everything about this wedding was magical, from the villa transformed into a palace of one thousand and one night from the folk tale, to the sounds of four orchestras, to the exquisite dresses, etc. Not a single moment was negated, each detail meticulously planned, the schedule of the evening was respected nearly to the minute (which, for a wedding is no small affair!) and smiles galore.

I honestly searched for the words, but I remain simply unable to describe the true delight of these three days…
Instead of words, I present you with the images of Saturday night, which will surely give you an idea of this truly extraordinary wedding.

Location: Marrakech Palmeraie
Bridal Preparations: Royal Mansour
Caterer: Rahal Traiteur
Wedding dressZuhair Murad
Organisation: Delight Event
Orchestra: Inspiration

seance couple en urbex

An urbex engagement shoot

Urbex engagement shoot

I brought C and T to an exceptional spot for their engagement photos. We left the hectic city to shoot in an abandoned factory that I’m quite fond of. Surrounded by concrete, color and scenery which was both raw and mysterious we found unique ways to shine a spotlight on this stunning couple.
For many of us, this type of urban exploration represents adventure and the unknown!

These abandoned warehouses are often rare and nearly impossible to find but once a photographer has the ok, incredible images are practically guaranteed. The truly unconventional scenery and the atmosphere of these abandoned spaces come together to allow for a one of a kind photo essay.

I particularly enjoy this type of space due to the possibility of constant discovery. Behind every wall I might find a magical setting…I adore the ability to play with the light of a forsaken building surrounded by broken windows and forgotten ceilings. These spaces are some of the most photogenic areas I shoot.

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Wedding Geneva – wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel

Wedding Geneva – Getting married in geneva

Wedding Geneva. We met this couple for a wedding in Geneva, at the Four Season Hotel des Bergues. It was a gorgeous wedding, both elegant and chic. The day was splendid, what every photographer dreams of: a wildly in love couple and an absolutely beautiful day.

Wedding Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneve

The bride arrived on the steps of the Church in a magnificent Rolls Royce and had an emotional moment in the arms of her father. We shot the couple photo session in the hotel where the reception was taking place, to say the least the Hotel des Bergues provided a multitude of choices for breathtaking scenery !
Everything came together for a magical and memorable day.

The venue: Four Seasons Geneva

Quays, lakeside promenades, parks, elegant stores and lively streets and alleyways in the old part of town wait to be discovered. Boat trips beckon on the lake and the Rhone River. The Alps seem close enough to touch. Geneva – small metropolis surrounded by unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery. On its limits lie magnificent country estates, hidden behind ancient stands of oak, and, to the north, peaceful villages, home of fruity Perlan wines. Yet more villages and towns huddle the shores of Lake Geneva itself.
Located in the heart of Geneva, with enchanting views of the lake, the Old Town or the courtyard, the five-star Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva has been the choice of seasoned travellers since 1834. From invitations to wedding cakes, floral creations to memorable farewells, trust Four Seasons to simplify your planning and make your wedding day everything you have ever imagined.

Wedding Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneve Wedding Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneve Wedding Geneva Wedding Geneva Wedding Geneva Wedding Geneva Wedding Geneva

Wedding Annecy – Getting married Abri Côtier

Wedding Annecy

Today’s wedding Annecy was truly incredible.
I’ve been to perhaps 150 or 200 weddings and I’ve never experienced something quite like this…

The day began calmly with preparations among girlfriends: laughter, jokes and champagne in a darling house in Annecy.

At the Church Saint Laurent d’Annecy le Vieux, Amélie and Arnaud made their vows to love each other regardless of pitfalls and that whole shebang…you know the saying 😉

We headed towards Annecy Lake for couple photos before rejoining the guest at the L’abri Côtier.

I honestly love this space: it’s gorgeous, well-placed, on the riverfront and the staff is completely cool. Everything came together for a great evening.

But call it as you may, one simply cannot count out chance, destiny or flukes on a day like this one. After one and a half years of preparation had finally come together for this wedding, assuring the tiniest details, planning the schedule of the day… life had other plans.

Magical wedding in French Alps

Around 10pm I headed for a bathroom break (look how honest I am!), and boom, a waiting line comparable to Black Friday. The rumor circulated that the Grooms cousin’s water had broken, she was 8 months pregnant…

But of course!!! The girl had to wait for her cousins wedding to give birth.

I didn’t believe it for a second and amongst all the alcohol it seemed to be simply a rumor told by a tipsy guy. It’s then that said young woman appeared before me. I began realize that “rumor” of this drunk guy is not just a just rumor and the young woman is ready to give birth before me!

My dear reader, don’t fret, the entire birth did not take place before my eyes. The firemen arrived and took the future mother to the hospital.

Several hours later, a beautiful baby was born. The final anecdote: the little one’s was given the middle name of the young Groom, and in a blink of the eye the world made this night even more magical.

This wedding was extraordinary from the beginning to the end. True love, the Bride and Groom full of joy and guests who could not have been more kind made this a night I will not forget.

For everything, thank you.
Amélie et Arnaud, thank you for bringing me into your adventure. It was beautiful, touching and full of love. Very much like the two of you.

Location: Abri côtier
Wedding dress: Caroline Takvorian
Decorations and Flowers: Fleurs de fée
Make-up and Hair-styling: Sui Sim pour Home concept

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Maternity Photo shoot in Lyon

Maternity Photo shoot in Lyon

Nathalie, a friend and colleague, asked me to do her Maternity Photo shoot in Lyon.
The mom-to-be hoped to memorialized her pregnancy, a slightly less than restful experience.
The pregnancy is far from “typical” as the pretty blond mother prepares for twins. What an adventure for her first pregnancy!
Although the arrival of a newborn can seem thrilling, the arrival of twins brings with it a mix of apprehension and excitement: two times less sleep, twice the number of pacifier’s but also twice the love.
Nathalie met me at Confluence, an innovative neighborhood of Lyon in her heels, surely sparking jealously in all the fellow and future moms-to-be. An aesthetic both graphic and modern surrounded us as we shot the photos of the day.

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Wedding Chateau Bregançon – getting married french riviera

wedding chateau Bregancon

The Château of Brégançon is situated in a wonderful and glamorous private estate, ideal for weddings. The wedding réceptions take place on the very spacious terrace of the Château overlooking the Italian gardens with a breathtaking view of the bay, the Islands of Port-Cros, Porquerolles and of course the renown Fort de Brégançon.
A+A created a union combining both strength and charm. It was with these themes in mind that their wedding unfolded.
The beautiful Jewish wedding took place at the Chateau de Brégançon. It was a story book wedding: the French Riviera, a castle overlooking the ocean, a Jewish ceremony framed by the Mediterranean, flowers galore, etc.

Because these two loves simply don’t do anything half-way, they decided to marry on the most sweltering day of the year. To say the least we almost all died of heat-stroke!

Each of the men must have changed shirts at least four times throughout the day, in regards to the women, I have to doubt that their perfect hairdo’s lasted the evening 🙂

Not even the heat slowed down this posse, who, as you will see, partied all night. An outdoor meal accompanied by a wild orchestra, I can attest that this wedding is one for the books!!

Amazing jewish wedding french Riviera

In my time as a photographer, I have never experienced an atmosphere quite like this one. Every single person was moving on the dance floor, none forgotten, from ages seven to seventy-seven!

I was accompanied by my friend and colleague Ivan Franchet.

Wedding location: Château de Brégançon
Orchestra: Vogue Live band
Wedding dress: Célestina Agostino
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Florist: L’atelier des fleurs à Carqueiranne
Videographer: MG Image

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Wedding Chateau Saint Trys – getting married in Beaujolais

Wedding Chateau Saint Trys

P&C are those good friends you love to meet up with to shoot the breeze and grab drinks. This couple is happy, simple and bubbly with a keen sense of humor. I’m always thrilled to meet this type of couple through my work, and this was one of the wonderful encounters of the 2015 season.

The wedding took place at the Chateau de Saint Trys of Anse in the Beaujolais, where the two lovers pronounced their Yes’s surrounded by friends and family.

We didn’t have to wait long for the vibe to become both wacky and euphoric.

The preparations were peppered with good laughs, straight talk but most notably friendship and lots of love. Following this, the magnificent religious ceremony was truly moving.

We spent the boisterous evening in a scene of rose glitter and sparkles, beautifully designed by Fleurs de fée.

A huge thanks to P&C for sharing this crazy day with me. Thank you for your zest for life, your simplicity and exquisite taste.

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Maternity Photoshoot in Perouges – Pregnancy in Lyon

Maternity Photoshoot in the Ain Region

It was a true pleasure to meet this beautiful couple in one of Lyon’s neighboring villages: Pérouges. This town is amongst the most stunning in France and was a marvelous backdrop for our maternity photo shoot.
The rural and relaxed atmosphere allowed this couple a quiet moment before the arrival of their little princess.
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