Engagement session

What is the value of making an engagement session?

I advise the pre-wedding session for many reasons:
– This is the opportunity to do a photo shoot for two. Few have ever done a real photo shoot with a professional.
– The session engament will allow you to have beautiful images of your couple and to have a concrete return of the preparations of your marriage. This session is also a reward for those months of work.
– It’s also an ideal time to reconcile with the goal. 99% of the future I meet tell me not to be comfortable in picture and to be rarely satisfied with what they render in image. I reassure you that you are part of the 85% of the population who run away as soon as they see a camera! This session will allow you to reassure yourself of what you consider to be an exercise that goes beyond you. Do not worry everything is going to be fine and you will be totally comfortable on your wedding day as your engagement session will have gone smoothly.
– Many bride and groom use the photos of the engagement session for the invitations, save the date or decoration of the day J as on the table names.
– Last but not least, this session will allow us to better know ourselves and to create a true relationship of trust. When you know people you are comfortable and therefore much more natural and it shows!
The benefits of this couple photo shoot are undeniable on the success of your wedding day photos.
A good marriage is especially good preparation upstream 🙂
Indeed, as a photographer of your wedding, it is essential to spend time together before the wedding in a relaxed atmosphere. Choosing your wedding photographer is choosing someone who will accompany you throughout this day rich in emotions. It is also integrating a “stranger” into your private and family circle. It is therefore important that we exchange together and meet beforehand. The feeling is 50% of the success of the report.

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