Wedding cote d’azur – wedding in Carqueiranne

Wedding cote d’azur

One of the best aspects of my job is finding new spots to Wedding cote d’azur.
The Côte d’Azur polarizes opinion like few places in France. To some it remains the most glamorous of all Mediterranean playgrounds; to others, it’s an overdeveloped victim of its own hype. Yet at its best – in the gaps between the urban sprawl, on the islands, in the remarkable beauty of the hills, the impossibly blue water after which the coast is named and in the special light that drew so many artists to paint here – it captivates still.

getting married French Riviera

For the wedding of Alexa and Pierre I discovered the paradisiacal scenery of Carqueiranne. Just several kilometers from the town of Toulon, I met the couple-to-be in a villa overlooking the ocean, surrounded by their families. The atmosphere of the day was laid-back and calm, the environment absolutely idillic and the Bride even more divine in her Sylvain Combe dress.

We were welcomed into the petit Church of Carqueiranne for a joyful and pleasant ceremony. We then moved to the beaches of Carqueiranne for the couple photos. The photo session became additionally photogenic as a threatening storm rolled in behind the couple. After the gale passed the lovers met up with their guest for a boisterous party at the Oursinado, a nested spot amongst the rocks of the Côte Varoise which juts over the ocean and the islands…

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wedding photographer Limoges – Montrol Senard

Once upon a time, a bearded embroiderer with a passion for fabric met a cute roller derby girl. Despite her multiple bruises, our handsome bearded hero fell hard for the roller skater.

8 years later, they decide to get married in the Montrol Sénard church, near Limoges. Decked out in their Sunday best ; a fifties-style wedding dress for her, a Carven suit with a handmade buttonhole bouquet for him, it’s in the domaine de Poudrier that the couple tie the knot. The decor, including leopard print, liberty fabrics, thrift shop porcelain, marine anchors and candles in the effigy of the Pope (yes, really !) provided all the eye candy the guests needed.

If you’re a fan of laid-back, rock n’ roll weddings, original wedding dresses, top-notch suits and cool people, I advise you to take a look at what follows…

Wedding dress: D2ux
Groom’s suit: Carven
venue: Le Poudrier
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Wedding in Gordes Luberon

This was a truly outstanding event : a surprise wedding in Luberon. They asked their guests to turn up at the Gare de Lyon in Paris one Friday night, giving only one clue ; bring party clothes, and swimwear…

A driver was there to meet them when the guests disembarked at Avignon station. The crazy weekend B & C had in store for them was only just beginning. A wander around Gordes and the surrounding area, and voilà ! Everyone took their places in a magnificent country house in Oppede.

A magical weekend, filled with emotions, surprises, happiness and beautiful memories that I was lucky enough to share with the couple.

The ceremony stirred up a lot of deep feelings, eyes welling will tears on more than one occasion but the laughter and joy of everyone involved restored the emotional balance.

Thank you B & C, for being who you are and for your strength and courage. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to share these intimate moments with you. I can tell that the people in attendance that weekend play huge roles in your life. Being one of these on this occasion helped me to see that I did a lot more than just take photos.

Big thanks to the team that worked with me on this extraordinary marriage, in particular Muriel Saldalamacchia, who despite her impossible-to-pronounce surname is a peerless wedding planner who never ceases to impress me with her professionalism and huge dose of humanity. Read more

Armenian Wedding Paris – parisian wedding

Armenian Wedding Paris

July 2014, Armenian Wedding  Paris.
It was a sweltering 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). Everyone was a bit stressed due to the ridiculous tropical weather which continually switched from blazing sun to pouring rain…

Marie prepared at her place accompanied by her bridesmaids and mother, who fussed about ensuring that the Bride became even more beautiful than she already was. The dress would have made you mad with jealousy and the cherry on top was a beaming smile from the serene Bride herself.

She met Raffi on an American college campus several years ago. He is Argentinean, born to an Armenian mother, was living in the United States and traveling often but that didn’t seem to bother this lovely blond 🙂

Here they are again, a couple years past that first meeting, in Paris. The date was set and the event would take place at the Cathédrale arménienne Saint-Jean-Baptiste of Paris. A magical spot in the middle of the 8th neighborhood of Paris.

The couple gathered their guests, who travelled from the four corners of the world, at the domaine de Grand maisons, for a evening mixing Argentinean, Armenian and French cultures. The couple began the dance with an Argentinean tango which gave the entire audience goosebumps!

For those who missed it, take a peak at their engagement shoot.

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wedding in paris montmartre

Wedding in streets of Montmarte Paris // New zelander wedding

Typical parisian wedding in Montmartre

A & R were married in Paris in the city hall of the 18th district and in the gardens of Montmartre. They come from New Zealand and met in Paris a few years ago. For their wedding they brought their friends from across the world and to thank them for their countless hours of flights they have invited into one of the most beautiful garden of Montmartre where a lyric quartet playing. I hate clichés about paris but I must admit that getting married in front of the Sacré coeur is still great and what memories !! after the ceremony the guests were in Marcel, a pretty Parisian bar where we could enjoy maori songs such as Pokarekare Ana.
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Wedding Photography at Chateau d’Anjou

Its beginning to seem that every year there is something memorable in story for me during the last weekend in June. Last year, it was with Adeline et Julien, and this year with Aloïse and Benoît.

The lavish wedding was celebrated at the castle of Anjou, located at the edge of Ardèche and Isère regions. The couple themselves were adorable, the atmosphere was crazy. It’s not often that my poor feet suffer so much but fortunately it was for a good cause 🙂

It was a superb day where the the weather held, it was a little crazy from the beginning to the end. The couple began the evening with their dancing entrance to the music of the French West Indies group Compagnie créole. I couldn’t believe it either, but like all the guests, I burst out laughing when I saw them arrive to this popular tune 🙂

The photos of the event speak for themselves but this wedding reminded me that the thing that counts to most is not the price of the wedding dress or the brand of champagne but much rather our environment and the wonderful people that we surround ourselves with.

Thanks to these loves, to their families and their group of star witnesses. Once more I will not forget this weekend and above all I am grateful to my profession which allows me to create such dear friendships.

Ps. For ethical reasons and for the integrity of the Brides younger sister, one particular photo underwent a slight modification during photo editing 😉

Location: Château d’Anjou (38)
Makeup and Hair: Sui sim for Home concept
Wedding dress: Rosa Clara
Florist: Fleurs de fée

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